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Concrete Curing Blankets

Insulated tarps and concrete curing blankets from THOR Tarp, a must for any cold weather construction project.  Using curing blankets will protect your concrete from the harmful elements and allow it to cure properly.

THOR Insulated Covers
We how to keep things warm when the temperatures are cold. For years, we have been designing and manufacturing insulated covers for tough arctic conditions. Insulated covers serve several purposes in utilities and construction applications. When used on pieces of machinery, insulated covers can dramatically improve cold starting performance, significantly reduce pre-heat times, and keep the dirt and moisture away. Common items that would benefit from insulated covers include, generator covers, emergency response trailers, pump covers, covered walkways, propane tank covers and much more.

Tarp Length:' "
Tarp Width:' "
Fasteners*, etc.:
NOTE: Enter all dimensions as feet & inches (eg. 12' 6", 14', 8", etc.)

*Fastener Information:
  • Grommets placed every 24"
  • D-Rings placed every 3'
  • Other types of fasteners available include hook and loop, drawstrings, and seatbelt webbing.