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Alternate Daily Covers

With the increasing challenge for landfill site managers to control cost and extend the life of their landfills, finding a cost effective daily cover solution is a must. THOR Tarp's system will extend the life of your landfill and save thousands of dollars in labor and material expenses. No added material consumes the landfill airspace when you use tarps for daily cover.

Geotextile covers are specially developed for a wide range of civil engineering applications including: ground works, road and railway constructions, soil drainage, soil reinforcement and erosion control.

Tarp Length:' "
Tarp Width:' "
Fasteners*, etc.:
NOTE: Enter all dimensions as feet & inches (eg. 12' 6", 14', 8", etc.)

*Fastener Information:
  • Grommets placed every 24"
  • D-Rings placed every 3'
  • Other types of fasteners available include hook and loop, drawstrings, and seatbelt webbing.