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Dust Covers

THOR Tarp makes computer dust covers to filter all incoming air to protect computers, monitors and other telecommunications equipment in harsh conditions. Keep your keyboard dust free with a dust cover. TV Covers, LCD, Plasma, HDTV, LED and Flat Screen Microfiber Dust Covers for all Flat Screen television sizes. The dust cover is ideal for self-moving and self-storage. Protects furniture, lamps, rugs, tables and other miscellaneous items from dust, soil and water damage.

Tarp Length:' "
Tarp Width:' "
Tarp Height:' "
Fasteners*, etc.:
NOTE: Enter all dimensions as feet & inches (eg. 12' 6", 14', 8", etc.)

*Fastener Information:
  • Grommets placed every 24"
  • D-Rings placed every 3'
  • Other types of fasteners available include hook and loop, drawstrings, and seatbelt webbing.