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Applications: Agriculture

Things that grow need protective covers. Even things that haven't yet grown, like newly seeded borders of a new highway. They all need protection from too much sun, from wind and from everyday weather.

With our custom fabricating capability, you can make that protection exactly match your application. In agriculture, you may need to talk to us about irrigation ditch liners or our covers for hay or cotton bales. The black/silver construction of our woven reinforced DuraShield(TM) 8000 product will keep rain off your crops while reflecting the equally damaging sun rays.

Our ThoroWeave open mesh/weave series covers have several applications. By letting water and air through, yet blocking 30-95% of the sun, they make the perfect shade cloth for greenhouses and ginseng growers, protection for outdoor inventory, or ground cover for erosion control. For clear, reinforced greenhouse covers, our clear DuraShield and ThoroShield materials offer protection from the elements, while allowing light through.

Often the protection takes the form of pesticide control. In order to work properly, the produce or building being sprayed must be covered with a close fitting cover. That cover should be made from rugged ThoroShield 1850.

Whatever your industry, THOR has dozens of weights and grades of protective material to get the exact fit between your application, how long the cover must last and your budget. Short term jobs don't need a top of the line rugged cover. But time has a way of flying by, and buying a short term cover twice for the same job is no savings at all.